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What happens after the MWC ?

I have to take a rest on writing after the MWC. Too much technology, too much people, too much work…I […]

To be “on”, not To be

I have been enjoying my newly subscribed Netflix service, and last night I watched BlackMirror a series than gives all of us […]

Amazon: Digital or physical ?

The answer is, what client needs In the last weeks following the publication of Amazon opening physical shops, not just […]

Bravo to Brave Apple: Security vs Privacy

Today, I was preparing a roundtable for the first week of March to discuss around Cybersecurity. There would be 5 professionals […]

Digital is an attitude

We have been talking about digital transformation for a long time now, but I have not talked about my own […]

Future Human & Digital Trends

Many times, most of the times, when we read about Digital Transformation, we read basically about technology. I love to find papers […]

Expansión Digital : 50 expertos opinan sobre la transformación digital

Es un placer compartir con vosotros, el articulo de Expansión digital de hoy donde Pepe y yo compartimos con otros […]

Tecnología Humana. Mas ciencia que ficción

Llevamos casi 2 años hablando sobre transformación digital, sobre los cambios en el mundo empresarial, en el mundo de la […]

El surf como metáfora de cómo encarar los cambios

Yo no soy surfero, que más quisiera yo, pero soy un adicto a ver videos de surf. Me impresiona verlos […]


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